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Tumbling Alphabet

Tumbling Alphabet

499.00 DKK

999.00 DKK

Please notice that this product has minor faults in letter bookcase. The printet letters at the top of the bookcase may appear splotchy. 

A-B-C – play through the alphabet. Go on a letter hunt and jump your name, build a tower of consonants, or go on an alphabet safari from A to Z – which letters did you step on? With bObles Tumblingalphabet you can move and learn at the same time. bObles Alphabet consist of the complete Danish alphabet. You could form names, funny sentences and spelling games.

bObles tumbling furniture is made of firm EVA foam without any dangerous phthalates. The material is soft, easy to clean and does not leave any marks in the floor. Tested for children.

The poster with pockets measures 80×80 cm
The small letters have the following size: w 8 cm x h 12 cm and 4cm thick

All our products are finished by hand and none of them are exactly alike. The size may vary a bit.