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Number paths 6-, 7-, 8- and 9

Number paths 6-, 7-, 8- and 9

349.00 DKK

Learn with your body with bObles Number Paths. Roll out a path and walk from 2 to 10 or jump from number to number – how many numbers did you jump on? It takes a lot of play and practice! So drive the toy car through the numerous paths, say the numbers out load while you jump or hop on one leg and count.

A package consists of 2 paths with multiplication tables printed on both sides. So there is a total of 4 tables in each package.

bObles tumbling furniture is made of firm EVA foam without any dangerous phthalates. The material is soft, easy to clean and does not leave any marks in the floor. Tested for children.

Size: Number Paths: l 200, h 0.7, b 8 cm.

All our products are finished by hand and none of them are exactly alike. The size may vary a bit.