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Mixed Stepstones

Mixed Stepstones - Blue

399.00 DKK

Mixed Stepstones consists of 8 flat and tilting stepstones - both big and small. 

Make a challenging hopscotch grid or a fun obstacle course and walk, crawl or zig-zag through.You can also try to build silly high towers – can you stack all the Step Stones without them falling over? Try balancing on two of the semicircles or throw the small and large flat circles as flying frisbees. The mixed Step Stones also gives you the opportunity to build your own small tumbling furniture. Simply put a semicircle under one of the large flat circles and balance on the small tumbling-UFO.

4 tilting Ø11, h 4 cm

4 flat Ø12, 12, 18, 24 cm/ h 4 cm 

All our products are finished by hand and none of them are exactly alike. The size may vary a bit.