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Small Donut

Small Donut - SD Blue

299.00 DKK

bObles Donut comes in three sizes and has a lot of movement, both when the child is tumbling or want to relax. The child can lie comfortably across the lively Donut on the stomach or sit and bounce up and down. With a single jump, and Donut is moving ahead with full speed. Press the elastic Donut into the floor and you create a vacuum that makes it stand still. If you have two or more you can place them on top of each other. Donut encourages creative play, and it can also jump and roll.

Material: Elastic rubber with EVA-foam knob in the middle. Delivered un-inflated. Pump and small plug included.

The material is easy to clean and does not leave any marks on the floor. Produced without any dangerous phthalates or toxins. Tested for children.

Size: D 33-35, H 18 cm