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Tube Multi

Tube Multi - Multi purple

1,099.00 DKK

Discontinued color options - These color variations are no longer in production.

bObles Tube in 2 parts

Get ready to roll! Tilt from side to side in the Tube or roll all the way round. The tube is also fun to roll to each other, hide in, or lie across and move forward. Hide a small item inside the Tube and reach for it, or crawl through the moving tunnel.

The child can also lie across on the stomach on the round cylinder and move forward, strengthening the neck and back. When the Tube is standing up, it transforms into a stool or an observation tower. You can also use the two parts together – as a round coffee table in a beautiful colour combination. Place the cylinder inside the tube to make it more stable or try to push it through the tube and move forward.

Tube: h 24 cm, d 36 cm
Cylinder: h 24 cm, d 27 cm