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Connect - Blue

599.00 DKK

Build and roll!
bObles’ Connect consists of four circled blocks that can either be used separately, put together two by two or transformed into a long roll.

Once the blocks are assembled, there are no limits to what your child might think of to stimulate their joy for movement. Lie on the floor with your toddler and roll across Connect. Roll on your abdomen, back, crawl and play with your balance and fall reaction. Your child may also lie horizontally, vertically or sit on their butts and roll. The four blocks are also perfect as small stools or stepping stones.

When your child is ready, then roll Connect towards each other, it requires collaboration between you and your child, but your child also needs to practice their coordination and timing to be able to catch Connect in their hands.

Connect is ideal for building a grand tower. A tower where power, precision, fine motor skills, coarse motor skills... and well, the whole body is operating for it to succeed.

H14,5 x D16 cm

bObles tumbling furniture is made of EVA foam and tested for children. The non-slip surface is soft, easy to clean and does not leave marks on the floor. Wash bObles with soap and water. Take it under the shower or take it for a swim, as bObles can float. bObles’ tumbling furniture is unique - they are hand-finished and can, therefore vary in size.