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Boat - Rosa

1,099.00 DKK


Sail across the wild sea and tilt through the blue waves. The rocking Boat can be tumbled with in numerous ways – and there is space enough for 2. Swing back and forward, lie on the stomach and feel the stimulating, wavy surface, or walk across the challenging bridge. The Boat comes with 3 tumbling sticks that can be used as steering wheel, sail or extra swing part, when you want big waves. Ahoy, captain!

bObles tumbling products are made of firm EVA foam without any dangerous phthalates. The material is soft, easy to clean and does not leave any marks in the floor. Tested for children.

Size: h 15, l 62, w 20 cm

All our products are finished by hand and none of them are exactly alike. The size may vary a bit.