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Tumbling Egg Large

Tumbling Egg Large

799.00 DKK

The large Tumbling egg by bObles is made of two parts, giving you two wonderful tumbling furniture in one. Put them together and they become a playfull egg, and when apart there are endless possibilities fun. Your child can rock back and forth or side to side, or even lay on their stomach and back to rest. Both balance and coordination are optimally challenged. The smaller part roll across the floor, and even strengthen the neck and back when the child lays across on their stomach.


D25 cm and D32 cm - together H44 cm x L16 cm x B32 cm

All our products are finished by hand and therefore none of them are exactly alike. The size may vary a bit. bObles tumbling products are made of EVA-foam which tested for children. The surface is non-slip, easy to clean and soft, leaving no marks on the floor